From “Evangelion” comes the original store “EVANGELION STORE” limited original wristwatches. It is a chronograph watch with three designs, which are: Unit-01, Unit-02, and NERV. Pre-orders are currently available at “EVANGELION STORE Online” and other stores.

The products used a metal strap and a special finishing to give off a luxurious feeling with the base color inspired by Unit-01, Unit-02 and NERV. The dial has the etching that was inspired by the body armor of Eva, and the overall product gives off a mechanical impression.

The right side of the dial has a design inspired by the special arm of “Evangelion”, and it comes with a date calendar function.
The top left of the dial has the design of the alert notice (honeycomb design) of “Evangelion” that gives off an accent. At the bottom of the dial, a small seconds (milliseconds) can be found while the top part has the minute timers, and a 12-hour timer can be found on the left.

Also, the machine number or NERVv mark is printed on the 12-hour timer, and each of them is designed impressive to draw in attention.

“EVA STORE Original Wristwatches (3 types)” is priced at 22,000 JPY (tax included) each. Pre-orders are currently available at “EVANGELION STORE Online” and other stores, and the release is scheduled for January 2021.