D4DJ presents CDTV Special Edition featuring Bushiroad’s media mix project “D4DJ”, Everybody can sing! Seven cover songs performed at the “Kami Playlist Music Festival” (broadcast on October 28, 2020) have been implemented in the rhythm game “D4DJ Groovy Mix” for smartphones. Komuro Tetsuya, who wrote the lyrics and composed the song, commented on the newly implemented ‘WOW WAR TONIGHT – Time to Wake Up Movement’.

D4DJ presents CDTV Special Edition Everybody Can Sing! at the “Kami Playlist Music Festival”, the 7 cover songs by the cast members of the “D4DJ” project that were performed are “Kibun Joujou↑↑”, “Yumemiru Shoujo jyairarenai”, “WHITE BREATH”, “CAT’S EYE”, “DESIRE -Jounetsu-“, “Otoko no Kunshou”, and “WOW WAR TONIGHT – Time to Wake Up Movement”.
These 7 songs were immediately implemented in “D4DJ Groovy Mix”.

In addition, “WOW WAR TONIGHT – Time to Wake Up Movement” has also been used as the ED theme for the TV anime “D4DJ First Mix”, which was be broadcast on October 30, 2020.

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Komuro Tetsuya
Times have changed drastically and our lifestyles have become a different world, but I am grateful to these girls for still singing their songs over time.
I’d love to hear what kind of image they had in mind when they sang it one day.
Also, since this is a DJ style event, we’d be happy if we could give them a new song that fits the unit next time.

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