The 2nd release of the bracelet with natural stone inspired by the TV anime “Gintama”‘s characters has been announced. Pre-order are currently available at “Anahita Style” online shop.

“‘Gintama’ Winded-Cord Bracelet” is the collaboration item between “Gintama” and “Anahita Style” and on April 2019, it has released 4 models inspired by “Sakata Gintoki”, “Kagura”, “Hijikata Toushirou”, and “Okita Sougo”.
The 2nd release will feature 7 new models inspired by “Sakata Gintoki (Shiroyasha Ver.)”, “Takasugi Shinsuke”, “Katsura Kotarou”, “Sakamoto Tatsuma “, Shimura Shinpachi”, “Kondou Isao”, and “Kamui”.

For the “Sakata Gintoki (Shiroyasha Ver.) Model Bracelet”, the designs are the silver stones represent the slip-guard and his sword, the red stone represents his eye, and the aqua stone represents his hair while the accessory part has the design of Shiroyasha’s sword.
For “Takasugi Shinsuke Model Bracelet”, the purple and yellow stone represent his kimono while three other stones were used to represent the Joui period along with an accessory to represent the bandage. The accessory part has the design of his clothing as well as the pipe and bandage.

For “Katsura Kotarou Model Bracelet”, the scarlet represents his kimono, the yellow stone represents his obi while three stones were used to represent the Joui period. The accessory part has the design of Elizabeth and a bomb.
For “Sakamoto Tatsuma Model Bracelet”, red and brownstone represent his clothing, while the white stone represent his scarf along with three stones to represent the Joui period. The accessory part has the design of Sakamoto’s pistol, rudder, and Mutsu’s hat.

For “Shimura Shinpachi Model Bracelet”, scarlet and white stone were used to represent his clothing, brown stone to represent his eye and the wooden parts to represent his wooden sword. The accessory part has the design of Terakado’s bodyguard log, his glasses, his clothing’s collar, and a note to represent Shinpachi’s singing.
For “Kondou Isao Model Bracelet”, is contain the largest stone among all the model, and the brown stone represents his eye and hair while the golden metal parts represent his dignity as the head. The accessory part has the design of Shinsengumi’s uniform, his face scar, the kimono with the strange design and a banana.

For “Kamui Model Bracelet”, various stones, including blue menoa, were used to represent his hair and eye while the purple and red stone are used to represent his umbrella. The accessory part has the design of a rabbit and umbrella inspired by the Yato clan, Kamui’s braided hair, and Kouka’s favorite flower.
The total quantity of the first production for the 7 models is 1,000 pieces and it will come with a cleaning cloth that is decorated with the design from the new original accessory parts.

“‘Gintama’ Winded-Cord Bracelet” is priced at 5,800 JPY (tax excluded) each. Pre-orders are currently available until October 11, 2020, and it will be released on October, 24.

(C)Sorachi Hideaki/Shueisha, TV TOKYO, DENTSU, BNP, Aniplex