The “Halloween Special Feature” has been held for a limited time from Sep 29 on the “Detective Conan Official App”, which is stuffed with all the information about “Detective Conan”.

In this special feature, episodes featuring Dracula and zombies have been collected and released. You can read one episode a day for free in the app.

The selected episode is “The Black Organization and the Head-to-Head Battle: The Dual Mystery of the Night of the Full Moon” recorded in the 42nd volume of the manga. The story begins when an out-of-season Halloween party invitation arrives at Kogoro from a sender named “vermouth”. The party begins on a ghost ship that departs from Yokohama Port, but during that time, the captain’s body is found hung on a mast with a devil’s tarot card, whose heart is shot through by a bowgun arrow. At that time, under the moonlight, Kudo Shinichi appears jauntily, begins to make a deduction and then…!?

Besides that, “Hattori Heiji and the Vampire Museum” included in Volume 79 and “A Villa Surrounded by Zombies” included in Volume 88 are lined up.

“Halloween Special Feature” has been held in the official app of Detective Conan. The period will be until Nov 2.

(C) Aoyama Gosho / Shogakukan (c) CYBIRD