The “COMPLETE DVD BOOK” of the TV anime series “Nobody's Boy: Remi” that had been broadcast in 1977, directed by Dezaki Osamu, who is known for “Ashita no Joe”, and other works, will be released. All 5 volumes of the “Nobody's Boy: Remi COMPLETE DVD BOOK” (51 episodes) will be released for 5 consecutive months from Oct. 29, 2020.

“Nobody's Boy: Remi” is based on a French children's novel and directed by Dezaki Osamu, after directing “Ashita no Joe”, “Takarajima”, “Adventures of Ganba”, “Space Adventure Cobra”, and “Ace wo Narae!”. It is a high production cost anime as it was used to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the opening of Nippon Television.
It is a story about how Remi, a kind boy who has faced a tough fate as a child, grows through interactions with various people, and there are still many faithful fans who call it, “a masterpiece that is impossible to watch without tears”.

Each volume of “Nobody's Boy: Remi COMPLETE DVD BOOK” will contain 10 episodes (about 4 hours), making it a truly spectacular series composition.

Moreover, the original voice narration of the famous actor Uno Juukichi, who already passed away, will draw you into the story. The first volume of “Nobody's Boy: Remi COMPLETE DVD BOOK” is priced at 11,500 JPY (tax excluded) and it will be released on Oct. 29.

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