“Vol. 2 In Hell! Rug Ball!” of “Space Cobra COMPLETE DVD BOX”, which contain a total of 31 episodes of TV anime version “Space Cobra” in 3 sets, was released on Feb. 20. On the booklet of “vol.2” which containedepisode 12th to 21st, it included the interview with the animator Oohashi Manabu, the synopsis for each episode, and setting art book.

TV anime version of “Space Cobra”, which is an anime directed by the tag of Dezaki Osamu and Sugino Akio, the animators known for “Ashita no Joe”, “Treasure Island”, and “Gamba no Boken”, is featured in “Space Cobra COMPLETE DVD BOOK”.
The total of 31 episodes are recorded in 3 complete sets, and the journey of the space thief Cobra, who has a beam gun installed in his left arm, can be enjoyed. The hard-boiled acting by the great voice actor Nozawa Nachi, the main theme song by Oono Yuuji, and the background music by Haneda Kenta are the definite points to see.

In “Vol. 2 In Hell! Rug-Ball!”, the 12th episode called, “The Dreadful Ultimate Weapon” to 21st episode called, “The Two Kings of the Sword” are recorded, and the total length is approximately 4 hours. In addition to it, in the booklet, “Bunch of Character Introductions (2)”, Cobra who made his debut in the most popular sport in the galaxy called “Rug-Ball” for investigation, the best Rug-Ball team in the galaxy called Red Saxons, the unlawful team called Team Z, and other Rub-Ball players are introduced.

Furthermore, the animator Oohasi Manabu is featured in the specialstaff interview. He remembers when he was working together with Morimoto Kouji, Ootsuka Nobuharu, and Fukushima Atsuko, and he said, “I left them because I was in a slump”. He honestly answered his true feelings which he had while working with both Dezaki and Sugino by stating, “I had to fight because I love it so much”, and “I struggled with my own original picture, and sometimes I had to fight with others around me, including Dezaki-san and Sugino-san”.

“Space Cobra COMPLETE DVD BOOK vol.2” is now on sale. The price for it is 1,390 JPY (tax excluded).