Work of “Aim for the Ace!” director Dezaki Osamu, who has worked on many titles, including “Tomorrow’s Joe”, “Ganba Bouken Tachi”, “Space Cobra”, have been released in “Aim for the Ace! COMPLETE DVD BOOK”.

“Aim for the Ace!” has been produced in 1973 and still has many persistent fans. It is popular with many people as a work that represents sports anime that caused a tennis boom centering on boys and girls.

In this volume, which will be Vol.1, includes the episodes from the 1st in which Oka Hiromi, the protagonist who entered the tennis club without much thought, has the worst encounter with Munekata, who will later become her coach, until the 9th, where Hiromi is nominated as the representative player for the regional tournament by Munakata, and does her best to keep up with the white ball while receiving frosty attitudes from her teammates. Characters such as Ryuuzaki Reika, the wife of Ocho, student council president Todo, and rival school Midorikawa Ranko have appeared.

Moreover, the special issue booklet provides an explanation of each story and points to be checked. Characters are drawn from all perspectives, such as facial expressions, play collections, fashion checks, etc.

“Aim for the Ace! COMPLETE DVD BOOK” vol.1 is priced at 1,500 JPY (excluding tax). The product is available for sale from May 27, 2020 at bookstores, online bookstores, and some convenience stores in Japan.

(C) Yamamoto Sumika / Shueisha / TMS