The 2nd season for the anime “The Demon Girl Next Door”, broadcast on Jul. 2019, has been decided. The marathon streaming for season 1 at ABEMA and Nico Nico Live Streaming has been also decided.

“The Demon Girl Next Door” is based on the manga by Itou Izumo, which is currently serialized at “Manga Time Kirara Carat”. The series have currently released up to 5 volumes and recorded the sale of 250 million copies.
It is the fantasy-like comedy revolving around a protagonist Yoshida Yuuko (A.K.A. Shamiko) (CV: Kohara Konomi), a female high school students who awoken her “demonic” power and a descendant of the demonic tribe, fighting with the rival Chiyoda Momo (CV: Kitou Akari), who is the classmate of the protagonist and also a “magical girl” chosen by the tribe of light.

The production of the 2nd season has been decided after a year passed from the broadcast of the season 1. In the 2nd season, Shamiko becomes friends with the magical girl, although her goal in the beginning was to defeat her to release the curse of the demonic tribe, and they begin to look for clues of the disappeared magical girl in the town.

All episodes from the 1st season will be broadcast at ABEMA and Nico Nico Live Streaming.

Detailed information for season 2 will be announced at the official website and Twitter of “The Demon Girl Next Door”.

“The Demon Girl Next Door” Program Infomation

[Original Work] “The Demon Girl Next Door” by Itou Izumo (Currently serialized at “Manga Time Kirara Carat” published from Houbunsha)

(C) Itou Izumo/Houbunsha