“Detective Conan Official App” is currently featuring “Traumatic Episode-Revival” from Aug. 25, 2020.

This article once again featured the traumatic episodes from the anime. This featured article gained a lot of support since it had been held for the first time in Sept. 2019. A new episode can be read each day.

A total of 6 stories (23 episodes) had been featured, including “Night Baron Murder Case”, which Conan gets involved in the murder case that stabbed the master of “Izu Mystery Tour” (from Vol. 8), and “Haunted House Murder Case”, in which Conan gets involved after being invited to the ghost hunt by Ayumi and his friends (from Vol. 2).

Some episodes, including “Night Baron Murder Case”, are also available on “【Anime】 Detective Conan Official YouTube Channel”.

“Feat. Traumatic Episodes-Revival” are currently available on Detective Conan Official App until Sept. 28.

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