A smartphone game “Argonavis from BanG Dream! AAside”, dedicated to the first boy band project by Bushiroad, “ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!” from “BanG Dream!”, will be released in early spring of 2021.

TV anime reached the final in July of this year, but activity hasn't stopped, and various events such as the broadcast of “Real Live” (*voice actors actually perform as a band and sing songs live) with no audience have been held.

This smartphone game is a new project in that line-up. Many fans are eagerly waiting for its release, as it will be showing the anime's “afterward” story.

Moreover, since “music” plays is a very important part in this world, you will have fun with your eyes and ears by many tricks.

This time, we introduce to you a trial report of the main attractive points of this game.

■Let's enjoy two parts the band activity, “daily” and “session”!

“Argonavis from BangG Dream!AAside” (hereafter “AAside”) is a two-parts game, both sides of which are A-side.

・Daily Part

The first part is a “Daily Part” that covers the member's everyday life. Members of each band go to school, prepare for live performances, save activity funds by part-time work, and spend their daily lives like in anime.

In this “Daily Part”, you can see how the characters are living in the room, and all bands that had appeared in this work, including Argonavis, GYROAXIA, Fantome Iris, and Fujin RIZING!, εpsilonΦ, and other bands, can be switched.
If you keep an eye on them, you may discover conversations between the band's members and other bands' members.

・Session Part

The other one is the “Session Part”, where you can enjoy a rhythm game with various original and cover songs. Like “Girls Band Party”, this game is about tapping notes from the top of the screen at a specific position.

Also, in this “Session Part”, you can enjoy a powerful live performance with 3D characters on the background.
Moreover, it is possible to change costumes, musical instruments, and even characters, which is surprising.

■Let's receive an order of “Band Quest”, and begin preparation for a live!

In the Daily Part, you will receive an order of “Band Quest”. A different quest is prepared for the five bands, and a player can start from any of that.

This quest will be released after you read the main story, each quest has a fer “Mini-Quests” and “Live-Quests”.


In “Mini-Quests” and “Live-Quests”, by tapping the character on the “Daily Part” screen you can dispatch various actions.

There are six action options that appear randomly, including part-time work and preparation for live performance.
An “Action Time” is set for each action, and the longer the action time is, the better the band preparation becomes. When you finish collecting the gauges on the upper right, the quest is cleared.

The character's actions progress not only while doing things such as a rhythm game, but also while the player is closing the application, so it is a recommended thing if you are busy and can not easily play whenever you want.

Moreover, the character in action can be tracked by tapping the icon on the right side of the screen.
Other characters are also acting on each map, but a special conversation occurs due to the combination mentioned above!

In addition, each character has his/her weaknesses and behaviors, and sometimes they can fail and get depressed… It is also a trick of this game so you can enjoy various expressions of the characters.
The action time of the character can be shortened with the items obtained in the rhythm game, which would be a nice point for the replay.


By clearing the “Mini-Quests” above, the “Live-Quests” become available.
As with “Mini-Quests”, first let the characters act and prepare for the live performance. This makes live performance possible.

■A deep story about anime' subsequent events that show characters aiming to win the “LRF”

There are many stories in this work. After the anime story, the “main story” of each band engages in a hot fight aiming to win the “Live Royal Festival (LRF)”, and various stories about “band story” that focuses on each band and depicts the conflict and growth are prepared.
To unlock these stories, you need to play everyday parts and rhythm games to increase the player's rank. You can read each story by gaining a specific rank.

The point where the author gets most excited during the trial is here!
By reading the story and watching conversations between the members in the “Daily Part”, the “History” trophies will be released, and the “Events” for each character band will be gathered in a chronological table.

Some of the pints hadn't been revealed in the past projects, such as TV anime, and others! You will be able to see more “facial expressions” of characters with both habits such as GYROAXIA's self-proclaimed man from the universe, Akebono Ryo (Ba.)'s birth secret.

■Lots of original and cover songs! “Session Part” where members can be combined differently

“Session Part” is the real pleasure of this work.
As you already know from the anime and live performances, this work is packed with many wonderful original and cover songs. You can enjoy them in the “Session Part”.

There are four levels of difficulty: EASY, NORMAL, HARD, and EXPERT.
The writer who was not good at sound games turned on and played EASY and NORMAL, but since they were able to clear both without problems, it seems that even people who are also weak at sound games will be able to proceed without difficulty if a level is about NORMAL.

For those who are not good at sound games, there is a function that allows you to continue the rhythm game even if your life reaches 0 (* The score you can obtain, and the reward will decrease), and you also can autoplay by using the obtained items in the “Daily Part”.

Powerful live image of characters drawn in 3DCG is another important point to do “Session Part”.

Not only can you watch the live of your favorite band, but you can also combine it with the characters from other bands.
The “Miracle Session” can only be seen in this app game!

In addition, you can change clothes, accessories, and even musical instruments.

■Fans' expectations are very high! When the game will be released?

“Argonavis from BanG Dream!AAside” has met the demand of fans who want to enjoy the music that is the real pleasure of this project, and want to know what happens after TV anime had ended.

For those who will start to know works from this game, it would be nice to know the history of bands' characters in detail in “History”.

Besides, check out to the card illustrations of the characters that can be obtained as scouts (gacha-gacha) and event rewards.

“Argonavis from BanG Dream!AAside” will be released in the early spring of 2021. Please look forward to it!

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