T Oris Ritter from the episode “Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing Link” of the game series “Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story” will be released in the Gunpla HG series. Pre-orders are currently available at “Premium Bandai”.

This product, “HG 1/144 T Oris Ritter” is a completely new 3d modeled large-scale figure of the “T Oris Ritter”, Pale Rider who has been captured and remastered by the Zeon Army.

In addition to reproducing the characteristic body shape, it also has various gimmicks such as shoulder sub arm expansion and incomeejection system mounted on the backpack.
Moreover, along with the newly modeling diverted armaments from Neo Zeon MS, such as “Hyper Knuckle Buster”, and a wonderful realization of the “HADES” activation reproduced by selecting two colors of clear green and clear red visor.

“HG 1/144 T Oris Ritter” is priced at 3,300 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are currently available at “Premium Bandai”, and delivery is scheduled for Dec. 2020.

(C) Sotsu/Sunrise