The mobile suit piloted by Doug Schneid of the "Marcosias Regiment" from "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story Missing Link" has been released as a plastic model. The unique equipment, Heat Lancer, and the forearm parts were finely described.

"HG 1/144 Efreet (Doug Schneid custom)" is a new model with its exclusive weapons, "Heat Lancer" and "Triple Barrel 35mm Gatling Gun". Also, new parts were used to describe the details and coloring of the forearm.

The purple based theme color, which is passed down to the later Efreet Schneid, is used for the base color. In addition to the "Heat Lancer" and the "Triple Barrel 35mm Gatling Gun", a "Shot Gun" and a "Marcosias Regiment Emblem Sticker" will be included with the plastic model. With a wide range of motion, you can recreate battle scenes.

"HG 1/144 Efreet (Doug Schneid custom)" is priced at 2,640JPY (tax included) and shipping is scheduled for Mar. 2020.