Inspired by the character “Copper Bellman” from the “Kinnikuman” series, an “Assist Hook” purely made of copper will be released soon.
Pre-orders have started on Aug. 18, 2020, at the “IRON FACTORY” store.

Originally from Peru, descending from the ancient Inca tribe, Copper Bellman is a 189cm tall Choujin(superhuman), weighing 450kg, with a total strength of 550,000 Power.
With his entire body made of copper, yielding a shield on his right arm, and a detachable sharp talon on his left arm, he is a highly regarded character amongst the few fans that know about his existence.

The “Copper Bellman Assist Hook” belongs to the “Kinnikuman” item lineup, which originally featured costume-like wearable items only. However, due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, Castem Co. Ltd decided to deviate a bit from the original concept and create a slightly different item, that could be useful for people given the circumstances. So far the lineup includes products based on characters such as Robin Mask, Akuma Shogun, and Buffaloman.

It is said that the coronavirus lifespan is from 48 to 72 hours on plastic and metallic surfaces. But it's also been found that this time is greatly reduced, to 4 hours, when it comes to copper surfaces.
The Assist Hook makes all sorts of actions possible, such as holding the train's hanging strap, opening and closing doors, without the need for direct contact.

The item makers, Castem Co. Ltd mentioned that: “The idea behind the product was to extend the character's left arm and bend it in the form of a hook. We hope that this stylish Copper Bellman hook will protect everyone from the virus, whether they know about the character and the product or not.”

“Copper Bellman Assist Hook” is priced at 2,970JPY (taxes included). Pre-orders have started on Aug. 18, 2020, at the “IRON FACTORY” store.