The CM, consists of new cutscenes, from the animated movie “Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel III. spring song” (Roadshow starts on Aug. 15, 2020) have been released.
Moreover, it also has been announced that on the first day of the release, the main cast, including director Sudou Tomonori, Sugiyama Noriaki, and Shitaya Noriko will appear at “Chapter 3 Opening Memorial Day 1 Stage Greeting Special Performance Live Viewing”.

The CM was revealed on the special program, “The movie 'Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel' III. spring song pre-release special program ~and spring came~”, that was broadcast on Aug. 8 on “ABEMA”.

New cutscenes with main characters, including Emiya Shirou is used, it will surely raise the expectation for the final chapter, which depicts “The Truth of the 'Holy Grail War' and the ending of the story of boys and girls”.

Also, it has been revealed that on the first day of the release on Aug. 15, “Chapter 3 Opening Memorial Day 1 Stage Greeting Special Performance Live Viewing” will have a live streaming at some theaters.
On that day, the main cast, including Sugiyama Noriaki, Shitaya Noriko, Kawasumi Ayako, Ueda Kana, Kadowaki Mai, Nakata Jouji, and Asakawa Yuu with director Sudou Tomonori, will hold a talk-event, and Aimer, who is in charge of the theme song, will hold a singing live after.

In addition, as a limited bonus of live viewing, along with the visitor bonuses, the holo A3 poster of Chapter 3 will also be given.
The ticket costs 3,300 JPY and is on sale at each theater. Please check the official website for detailed information.