The new release date of the animation movie “Love Me, Love Me Not”, which was postponed due to the novel coronavirus, was set on Sep. 18, 2020.
At the same time, comments from four voice actors, including Shimazaki Nobuminaga, Saito Souma, Han Megumi, Suzuki Marika, author of the original Sakisaka Io, and director Kuroyanagi Toshimasa have arrived.

The original work “Love Me, Love Me Not” is a girl’s manga, total sales of which have exceeded 5 million copies, that is the final part of the “Io Sakisaka Seishun trilogy”, which continues the genealogy of “Strobe Edge” and “Blue Spring Ride”.
It is a story about the love pattern between four high school students that shows how they are growing up while struggling to face themselves and others every day, and the live-action movie version will be released on Aug. 14.

The animated film was produced by A-1 Pictures known for Sword Art Online under the direction of Kuroyanagi Toshimasa known for “The Great Passage”.
Han Megumi plays Yamamoto Akari, who is serious and active about romance but is not good at expressing herhis true feelings, Shimazaki Nobuminaga plays the Yamamoto Rio, who has a conflict being the Akari’s brother-in-law, Saito Souma plays Inui Kazuomi, Yuna’s childhood friend, and a straightforward young man, who looks cold around himher, Saito Souma plays Inui Kazuomi, Yuna’s childhood friend, and a straightforward young man, who looks cold around her, and Suzuki Marika debuts with a role of Ichihara Yuna, who tends to “airhead” and is reluctant to love.
Please check out the restart of a life-size youth love story.

The animation movie “Love Me, Love Me Not” will be released nationwide on Sep. 18, 2020.
Detailed information about theater advance ticket sales, which have been postponed, will be announced on the official website later.

<Full comments are below>
[Shimazaki Nobuminaga (Rio)]
Finally! The release date for the animation movie “Love Me, Love Me Not” is set now! I’m so happy!
I think everyone has suffered a lot, and it’s still not the end but if you try hard, you’ll have a wonderful reward! I’ve seen finished work a little while ago, and it is a very good youth drama.
I’m grateful for the efforts of all movie staff, including director Kuroyanagi.
I think that “Love Me, Love Me Not” is a work that has a sense of reality in which people of all ages can feel empathy from their actual experiences.
That’s why you can get into the story and be attracted.
I would be happy if we could feel the youth in the theater together.

[Saito Souma (Kazuomi)]
Congratulations on the release date! I am very happy to finally show it to you.
Even if I try to convey my feelings, I will be misunderstood… I think this kind of “unsuccessfulness” is very carefully and warmly drawn in this work.
It’s not just a beautiful, it’s a wonderful work that will touch your heart!
Please welcome “Love Me, Love Me Not”.

[Han Megumi (Akari)]
Finally, this story for everyone…I’m really happy.
Every day I feel the blessing of everyday life.
At that time, it is good to watch this movie and spend a moment together with family, friends, and loved ones…
I hope you will feel the irreplaceable time drawn with the changes of the four seasons at the theater.

[Suzuki Marika (Yuna)]
I’m glad to finally be able to bring you the animation movie “Love Me, Love Me Not”.
I think that many people could not meet their family and friends in the past few months, and once again realized the importance of their existence.
This work also depicts the importance of family and friends, and I think it gives the courage to move forward.
Difficult time continues, but I will be happy if you can make a step forward even after you’ve seen this work.

[Sakisaka Io (Author of original)]
I am so happy that the new release date has been announced.

I think many people are still suffering from strange things in what they used to call their daily life.
That’s why I wish you will see how the characters in this work are struggling in restrictions, but put another person higher than themselves, and seek what they can do within those limitations. I hope many people will see it.

[Kuroyanagi Toshimasa (director)]
Among all theу chaos I’m struggling with, this is the light in the darkness. In a situation where the staff members couldn’t meet each other properly, each of them worked hard until the end to finish this movie.
I am so grateful for the preciousness of my colleagues and for being able to release it at the theater.
I wouldn’t be happierso happy if everyone who had been looking forward to the movie would be glad to see Yuna, Akari, and others in action.

(C) 2020 animation movie “Love Me, Love Me Not” Production Committee
(C) Sakisaka Io/Shueisha