The apparel project “THE LAST SHOOTING”, which using a famous scene in the final episode of “Mobile Suit Gundam” as a motif, has been started. Pre-orders are currently available at “Premium Bandai”.

On this project, the apparel series use the Gundam silhouette of “THE LAST SHOOTING” from the final episode “Escape” as a print image.
The series includes “Track Jacket”, “Track Pants”, “Running T-Shirt”, “Shorts”, “Hoodie”, “Printed T-Shirt”, and “Cap”. Each product is a sportswear and suitable for daily use as well.

“Track Jacket”, “Track Pants”, “Running T-Shirt”, and “Shorts” have a small “THE LAST SHOOTING” silhouette on them. They also have a “THE LAST SHOOTING” logo printed on their hem and side. The logo is printed in white with materials to reflect light, which make them look more sporty.

“Hoodie” and “Printed T-Shirt” have a “THE LAST SHOOTING” silhouette on left chest, and the same silhouette and a “THE LAST SHOOTING” logo on their back, which attracts attention.
“Cap” only has a “THE LAST SHOOTING” logo, which allows you to casually enjoy the “Gundam” goods.

Pre-orders for each product of the “THE LAST SHOOTING” are currently available at “Premium Bandai”, and delivery is scheduled for Oct. Please check the product page for detailed information.

(C)Sotsu / Sunrise