Following the “Nico Nico Net Cho Kaigi 2020”, the online version of “Nico Nico Cho Kaigi” held in Apr. 2020 for the first time by DWANGO Co., “Nico Nico Net Cho Kaigi Summer 2020”, the biggest online summer festival in Japan has been revealed, and will be held for 18 days from Aug. 9 to 16. Along with that, “Nico Nico Cho(town) Kaigi”, the tour version of “Nico Nico Net Cho Kaigi” that has been held during summer and autumn every year, has been decided to be held online.

“Nico Nico Net Cho Kaigi” was the online event held in place of “Nico Nico Cho Kaigi 2020”, which was cancelled because of the coronavirus.
It brought together various entertainment events, which were cancelled, including some projects at Makuhari Messe, and was held at the official “niconico” website for 8 days from Apr. 12 to 19 as the biggest online festival in Japan. It accepted more than 100 projects suggested by users, and the number of online visitors exceeded 16 million, which was a record high.

“Nico Nico Net Cho Kaigi Summer 2020” has been decided to be held as the coronavirus is still spreading and “Nico Nico Cho(town) Kaigi” cannot be held at the venue even though 3 months has already passed since “Nico Nico Net Cho Kaigi 2020”.
Even though “Nico Nico Net Cho Kaigi” has been held only once every spring, it has been decided to be held this time to enable users to make the most of the strength of “niconico”, under this situation of many restrictions, to enjoy this summer.

“Nico Nico Net Cho Kaigi Summer 2020 Supported by NTT” will be held on the “niconico” official website from Aug. 9 to 16. Check out the official website for more details.

(Full comments below)
Natsuno Takeshi (The CEO of DWANGO Co.)
Thanks to the great support from users and our related companies even under the difficult situation, “Nico Nico Cho Kaigi 2020” was very successful even though it was held online for the first time. In addition, I feel that I could find possibility for further development as an online festival.

We still don't know when the threat of coronavirus will come to an end, with people feeling nervous every day. I would like to make this summer ”the greatest ever” with you all through Nico Nico Net Cho Kaigi.

Let's enjoy this summer and make it one of a kind with Nico nico!