The robot that has made a shocking appearance in the TV anime series “Pop Team Epic”, “Super Pipimi BARI Mode” has appeared in the fully movable assembly kit under series “MODEROID”. Pre-orders are currently available at “Good Smile Company”.

This product, “MODEROID Super Pipimi BARI Mode”, is a 3D full-featured model, Super Bariser created by Oobari Masami, which completely reproducing both the modeling and actions of the “Bari” figure.

The large sword “Lord of Calamity” comes in two types, with and without a case. It was created with a lot of attention to reproducing optional armaments such as variant cannons and missile pods.
Moreover, even the “mask cracking face” that was show up for a moment on the stage has been reproduced… it is a complete spec set that was made with all seriousness.

The main material is PS & ABS. The product has 5 molding colors: white, red, yellow, blue, and gray, and by a seal, just by assembling, you can get the visual from the stage.
This kit also includes “Sushi Popuko” (* painting required). Please enjoy it by placing it together.

“MODEROID Super Pipimi BARI Mode” is priced at 5,900 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders will be accepted at “Good Smile Company” until 9:00 P.M. of Sep 2, 2020, and sales are scheduled for Dec.

(C) Okawa Bukubu/Takeshobo・King Records