The AR dance vocal group “ARP” has announced the live broadcast of their concert, streaming of a new song, and a special episode of the anime “ARP Backstage Pass”.

“ARP” sing their determination toward a new stage in their new song “Neo World”, which depicts their new normal. The lyrics and composition were by the hitmaker duo, Kurihara Satoru (Jazzin' park) and Maeda Tasuku. The song opens up a new side of ARP. The streaming will start on Aug. 5.

The “Anime ARB Backstage Pass Closing Festival Celebrate Good Time -EXTEND-” will be held online on Aug. 15 and 16. An audience participation song battle is scheduled to be held on the world's first multiplayer real-time game app “Fure Fure”. The live feed will be using the “Multi Eyes Live Camera” linked to the Alice System for the first time in the world, letting you enjoy the intense live stream from various camera angles. We received a comment on the new song and live from the member Shinji.

Also, a special episode of the anime “ARP Backstage Pass”, which has ended in March with good reviews, titled “Paradise” will be streamed.
The special episode depicts the after stories of the characters leading to the fan-familiar “KiCK A'LIVE” series. It will be streamed on d Anime Store and dTV from 11:00 p.m. Jul. 13 ahead of others and on other channels from 11:00 p.m. Jul. 20 sequentially.

In addition, a terrestrial TV re-run of the anime “ARB Backstage Pass” started on Jul. 6 along with “ARP REMIND on the WEB” in which you can watch the past live performances of ARP.

As the entertainment business resumes, we can look forward to the latest entertainment by ARP, the AR artist that brings together the cutting-edge technology.

Comment from Shinji of ARP
We were sad not to be able to meet our fans during the self-restraint, but we got a chance to have a good discussion with each other about what we can and should do the next time we meet you all.
Our new song “Neo World” literally means “a new world”. With the airing of the anime finished, it's time for us to take on a new stage as well. The song expresses us challenging the new future with our dreams and hopes.
And for the concert, I want to make it a show where we express everything we can. We'd really like to meet you in person, but that's not possible yet. But we will do our best by making the best of the streaming and connect with our fans. Please look forward to it.