Episode 6.5 of the anime “ARP Backstage Pass”, “Celebrate Good time ~ Short Stories~” will be released on Mar. 2 (Monday). In addition, the appearance of Hayami Shou as Meertan in episode 7, and Sugita Tomokazu as the drummer-senpai in episode 8 have been confirmed, and we've managed to procure comments from both voice actors.

The series is a documentary-style anime about Next Generation AR Dance & Vocal Group [ARP]. The anime follows the school life of the four members, from the past towards its yet unknown future.

Episode 6.5 is a special episode that touches on ARP members' everyday secrets that could not be shown during the main story.

“ARP Backstage Pass” Episode 6.5 “Celebrate Good Time ~ Short Stories~” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from Mar. 2, 2020 (Monday).

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[Meertan: Hayami Shou (Appears in Episode 7)]

I have played various roles in the past, but this was a whole new territory!
Thank you for letting me meet such a wonderful character. Please love Meertan.

[Drummer Senpai: Sugita Tomokazu (Appears in Episode 8)]

He is a drummer-senpai with no name.
However, I think he is filled with happiness seeing the members he believed in flourish out in the world.