To enjoy the feeling of being together with cute characters from 『Trotting Hamtaro』 24/7, a collaboration project between Hamtaro x Smart Canvas by Epson releases 「Hamtaro Smart Canvas digital watch & watch strap」. It is currently available for pre-order at Premium Bandai.

It is a “time travel”-themed collaboration product between Hamtaro and Epson’s EPD Wrist Wear 「Smart Canvas」.
There are more than 80 graphics of Hamtaro and friends, and you can enjoy various graphics that change according to time and season. There are five modes available for this product, where you can watch Hamtaro and friends playing inside the watch at any time.

For example, in the watch’s “Daily Mode (per hour)”, the screen changes every hour, and you can enjoy the display where Hamtaro and Ham-Ham Gang are playing every hour. In addition, there are special illustrations which displayed only on anniversaries such as “Hamtaro’s Birthday” and “Hinamatsuri”. The “Ham-Ham Gang Mode (per minute)” which displays the alternate screen of Hamtaro and Ham-Ham Gang every minute.

There is also “Playground Mode (per minute)” which allows you to peek at how Hamtaro runs inside the ball with all his might, and “Birthday Mode” which will display Hamtaro and friends celebrating your birthday on the designated date.

Reservations for the individual straps are also available, so you can change the belt according to your mood and use it with different impressions.