The Chinese cosplayer natsume-san is one of the top cosplayers who has reached 220,000 followers on Twitter by showing many sexy costumes.

She actively participates in events in Japan such as Comic Market, and has always attracted a lot of attention. However, due to the current situation, she lost touch with her Japanese fans, which is regrettable.
This time we had a direct interview with Natsume. She also shows us some of her latest unpublished shots for her Japanese fans.

–Were you planning to come to Japan in May?

natsume: That's right, I was supposed to be there in May for the Comic Market to show my new costume, but unfortunately the event was canceled…

–What kind of cosplay works are popular in the Chinese cosplay world at the moment?

natsume: “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”. I've heard it's incredibly popular in Japan, but it's also very popular in China and in other countries! There's a lot of cosplay as well.

–What are some of the Japanese works that you're into?

natsume: There are a lot of them, but “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War” “Persona 5”, and “Final Fantasy VII” are always my favorite!

–In terms of cosplay, what kind of characters have you recently made?

natsume: Recently, I've been working on Pecorine from “Princess Connect! Re:Dive”, Enoshima Junko from “Danganronpa”, Android 18 from “Dragon Ball”, and Akatsuki from “Lost Decade”. Most of them are already on Twitter!

–This time you have published a shot of Akatsuki, can you please tell us how was working on it?

natsume: Akatsuki was a very difficult costume to put on because it had a lot of detailed decorations. It took me about an hour and a half to finally get it on with the help of my friends. But the shoot went really well, it only took 30 minutes and it was fun!

–What do you like about cosplay?

natsume: Like for all the works I've just mentioned, when I come across works and characters that I like, I want to cosplay them. And there are also a lot of works that have become my all-time favorites because of cosplaying (laugh).

–Finally, please tell us your future goals!

natsume: I want to work hard to make money for doing cosplay. When the current situation will be over, I definitely want to go to Japan with a lot of my cosplay works, so I'll do my best. I look forward to seeing you at the Comic Market this winter!