Even in 2020, various games get get anime adaptations, including “Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story”, and “Sakura Wars the Animation”. The game adapted anime will introduce various interesting characters and it has become an appealing work that even attracts the viewers who haven't play the game before.

In Anime! Anime!, we conducted a survey asking readers: “Which games do you wish to to get anime adaptations? (First half of 2020 version)”. We have received a total of 1,808 responses during the survey period of Jun. 3 until Jun. 12.
The male to female ratio was approximately 5% for and approximately 95% for females, making females the majority. In terms of age distribution, the majority were youngsters below the age of 19 comprising approximately 25%, and approximately 50% were people in their 20's.

Let's see the result for the family game category.

■The latest work had taken the top!
1st place
The 1st place goes to “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” with a support rating of approximately 4%.
“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” (released on Mar. 2020) is the latest series of “Anime Crossing”, and it is currently the most popular game in the world.

Some of the reader's commented, “This is my first time playing 'Anime Crossing' game but the characters are so cute! I want to watch its anime as it can take away the fatigue”, and “I wanted to see the warm life of the animals”, where most fans wanted to see the movement of their favorite characters.
Regarding the “Anime Crossing: The Movie”, released in 2006: “It was quite interesting as the movie is filled with healing element, I also hope to see its anime soon once it had become popular”.

2nd place
The 2nd place goes to “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” and remains the same rank as the second half of the 2019 version survey.

Its unchanging popularity has been seen from these comments, “The rich contents and the appearance of various interesting characters, is a work that everyone regardless of gender can enjoy”, “I think this will be a wonderful and dramatic work regardless of which route, get a video adaptation”, and “As the theme of the game is war, it would be nice to be able to see the gorgeous arts, including the battle scene, in an anime.”

3rd place
The 3rd place goes to “13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim”. This is an adventure game that was released in Nov. 2019 and it has received various awards.

Some of the comments showed the readers' hope of having an anime adaptation, “The graphic is really beautiful and the scenario is written in detail. This is my favorite games among these few years”, “I want to see the story that is slowly revealing each week”, “As there is a total of 13 protagonists, the series composer might have a hard time… but I want to try and watch a heavy Science Fiction story.”

■Let's introduce the other comments!!
For “Splatoon”: “It will be more popular if the octopus and squid characters get an anime adaptation”, and “I think it will be interesting if it a battle anime”.

For “Life is Strange”: “I wonder which route will it be if there is an anime adaptation for it. It will be a different experience from the choice selection game” and “The world setting of the oversea drama. It would be interesting even for those who don't like to watch serious anime.”

For “NieR:Automata”: “It a story about the battle between the emotionless android and the machine life-form. Not only as a game, but I also want to see the world filled with sadness and despair as an anime.”
For “Okami”: “This is a work that hasn't lose its freshness. I am curious about how will the movement of the beautiful ink painting graphic will be in the anime adaptation”. This show that there are votes received for various titles.

For this survey, there are even comments received for “The Great Ace Attorney” and “Pokemon Sword/Shield”, which hope for an anime adaptation of a different series then the anime adapted title.

■Top 20 Ranking
“Which games do you wish to have an anime? (Family Games Category) First Half of 2020 version”
1: “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”
2: “Fire Emblem: Three Houses”
3: “13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim”
4: “NieR:Automata”
5: “Splatoon”
6: “Kingdom Hearts”
6: “The Great Ace Attorney”
6: “Detroit: Become Human”
9: “Suikoden ”
9: “Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair”
9: “Legend of Zelda”
12: “Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon”
13: “Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age”
14: “Okami”
14: “Summon Night”
14: “Shiin”
14: “Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony”
19: “Kowloon Youma Gakuen Ki: Origin of Adventure”
19: “Ken ga Kimi”
19: “The World Ends with You”
19: “Zenoblade”
19: “Fate/Extra CCC”
19: “Pokemon Sword/Shield”

(Survey Period: Jun. 3~ Jun. 12, 2020)