The main visual of the play “Higekiri Hizamaru Souki Shutsujin ~SOGA~” with Higekiri and Hizamaru from the line up “Touken Ranbu” has been released. The stage will start in Aug. 2020 and will take place in Hyogo and Tokyo.

The musical “Touken Ranbu” is a play based on the PC and smartphone app game “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-“. At the performance in 2019, the composition of a musical part in which the brothers Higekiri and Hizamaru play the famous “Soga Monogatari”, which is famous as one of the three major insults in Japan, and the live part where two unusual collaborations shine, became a hot topic with great impact.

The 2020 performance will be performed as a participation project of “Japan Expo”, a project that introduces various cultures that Japan is proud of. The cast includes Hironori Miura Harumi as Higekiri, Takano Akira as Hizamaru, as well as Marukawa Takayuki(Hanagumi Play) and others.

The musical “Touken Ranbu 'Higekiri Hizamaru Souki Shutsujin ~SOGA~'” will be staged in Hyogo and Tokyo in Aug. 2020.

(C) Musical “Touken Ranbu” Production Committee