Miles Morales / Spider-Man from the anime movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” become a 1/6 scaled figure under Hot Toy's featured series “Movie Masterpiece”.

The product is a high-end 1/6 scaled figure with an overall height of 29 cm and over 30 movable parts. There is a total of 3 face parts which are the masked face, the refreshing actual face, and an actual face with the rolled eyebrows.

The masked face part has a total of 4 types of exchangeable eye parts where the unique expression from the movie can be recreated.
The actual face part has an exchangeable hair part where the state of the mask being taken off can be recreated. For the unique suit which has red spray on top of the black textile, various unique styles can be enjoyed from the detachable hoodie and jacket that can be worn on top of the suit, the detachable half pants with belt, the detachable sneaker with the loose string on the right, or just with the suits alone.

Furthermore, the appearance of the daily Miles Morales can be recreated by matching the sock part with the detachable part of the T-shirts and sweat pants that can be worn directly on the bare body. Other than that, it also comes with various accessories such as the spray can, Spider-Man costume set, the sign sticker and message card created by Miles, and also the effect parts.

” 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' 1/6 Scale Figure Miles Morales / Spider-Man” is priced at 38,000 JPY (tax included) and it will be released on Sep. 2021. Moreover, the pre-order price at “Toy Sapiens” is 32,300 JPY (tax included).

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