“One piece” and national confectionery company “Umaibo” will release a collaboration product “Treasure map (cheese) taste Umaibo”. In the package, the familiar Straw Hat Crew is arranged with the “Umaemon” specification.

This collaboration is developed with a big bunch of specifications (30 pieces) of “Treasure map (cheese) taste”. One mini clear file (4 types in total) will be randomly included as a bonus.

The “30 pieces of 'One Piece' treasure map (cheese) taste good bar” is priced for 1,200 JPY (excluding tax). The release is scheduled for July 2020 at various Straw stores and nationwide Animates.
It's also possible to make reservations at the movic online store.

(C) Oda Eiichirou / Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation
(C) Yaokin