From the “Laid-Back Camp” series, the last and 3rd volume of the “Ouchi de, Camp. Uchi Camp△Pen”, allowing you to experience the relaxing atmosphere and camping feeling at home, are announced. This time 7 illustrations by the main staff of the “Laid-Back Camp” series drawn at home, have been released.

For the 1st volume of “Ouchi de, Camp. Uchi Camp△Pen”, the new animation “SPECIAL EPISODE Sauna and Meal and Three Wheeled Bike” (included in “Heya Camp” BD & DVD, released date on May 27) have a one day premiere and the special video of “Room Camp episode 0”, “Tall Tale Camp”, and “Survival Camp” (included in “Laid-Back Camp” BD & DVD” had started streaming online.

The following 2nd volume, an indoor activities circle had formed from Tateyama Akiyuki (Music Director of “Laid-Back Camp”), Asaka (Singer of the OP of “Laid-Back Camp” and theme song of “Room Camp”), and Sasaki Eri (Singer of the ED of “Laid-Back Camp”). This circle had created the theme song of “Laid-Back Camp” Ouchi Camp, “Kono Basho de. (At this place)”, where the lyric is written by Asaka, composed by Tateyama Akiyuki and sing by Sasaki Eri.

Thus, the last and the 3rd volume of Camp Pen featuring 7 illustrations by the main staff of the “Laid-Back Camp” series are released. It features various interesting illustration by the Director Kyougoku Yoshiaki, character designer Sasaki Mutsumi, and the animation director.

Moreover, the production of the latest TV Anime series “Laid-Back Camp SEASON 2” is undergoing and is heading toward being broadcast in Jan. 2021.

(C)Afro・Hobunsha/Outdoor Activities Committee