TV anime “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!”, also known as “HameFura”, has started from Apr. 2020.
Here at Anime!Anime!, we conducted the reader’s survey titled “Who is your favorite Katarina ‘inside the head’?” and “In who of male characters from “HameFura” do you wish to fall in love?”, from May. 10 to 17.
This article will announce the result of the survey “In who of male characters from “HameFura” do you wish to fall in love?”.

5th place: “Sirius Dieke”
The support rating for “Sirius Dieke” is approximately 4.5%.
The student council leader Sirius used to be a mob character in the game “FORTUNE LOVER” oriented for females.
But in episode 5 “I Visited the Heroine’s Parents’ House…”, he made Katarina, who is surrounded by high-spec boys, think,”he is also a high-spec boy although he is usually hidden in the game!”.

He made his appearance later than all other characters and has less appearing scenes, but there is a mysterious scene in episode 6 “I Had Fun Over Summer Vacation…”. This character has full potential toward the episodes in the future.

4th place: “Alan Stuart”
The support rating for “Alan Stuart” is approximately 17.1%.
He is a younger twin brother of Geordo and also the 4th prince. He is a wild-looking bossy person. He has a very strong complex since he was raised being compared to his older brother, Geordo, but he overcomes his complex by interacting with Katarina.

Alan and Katarina fight over many things when they were young as the rivals, but now they are in school and it is not clear whether he knows that he loves Kartarina or not…
The triangle including his fiance Mary will advance in…which way?

3rd “Geordo Stuart”
The support rating for “Geordo Stuart” is approximately 19.2%.
Geordo is the 3rd prince and also the fiance of Katarina.
He has married to Katarina because he took a responsibility for causing injury on her face, in the game, there is no love for Katarina; it depends on the route, but he either murders or exiles her. He is the reason why Katarina strives to avoid the death flag.

He definitely loves Katarina in the route she is in, but he ends up a snake toy being thrown by her that Geordo hates a lot. Geordo claims that “he never quits his marriage”, but can he really marry her?

2nd place: “Nicol Ascart”
The support rating for “Nicol Ascart” is approximately 22.6%.
Nicole is the son of Earl Ascart, who is the advisor of the king, and has a perfectly-handsome like a doll.
Sadly, Katarina did not clear his route before reincarnating in “FORTUNE LOVER”, and only thing she knows is the information from her otaku friend Acchan, that “he loves his sister Sophia, therefore you must become friends to fall in love with him”.

Nicol is so handsome that Katarina, who was raised with many handsome boys around her, being charmed by his appearance, but he appeals less to her since he is really quiet. Also considering the fact that there is not much information about him, how he going act will raise expectations toward him.

1st place: “Keith Claes”
The support rating for “Keith Claes” is approximately 36.6%.
Keith has been adopted from the Claes family and becomes Katarina’s younger stepbrother. In the game, he grows up to by a playboy, since he was bullied for being “a son of a mistress” by Katarina and his brothers.

In the anime, Keith becomes a nice handsome boy since Katarina rescues Keith from loneliness and loved him so much in the route that Katarina is in.
Keith is so sincere to respect Katarina, with no reason to become a playboy, but insensitive Katarina never realizes his feeling.
Keith battles with Geordo, and it is unknown that he loves accomplishes.

【Who is your favorite character?】
1st: “Keith Claes” Support rating 36.6%
2nd: “Nicol Ascart” Support rating 22.6%
3rd: “Geordo Ascart” Support rating 19.2%
4th: “Alan Stuart” Support rating 17.1%
5th: “Sirius Dieke” Support rating 4.5%
(C) Yamaguchi Satoru・Ichijinsha/HameFura Production Committee