The postponement of the release of the roadshow movie “Go! Anpanman: Fluffy Fuwari and the Cloud Country” which was scheduled to premiere on June 26, 2020, has been decided.

The production committee of the movie “Go! Anpanman” has explained the reason for the postponement, “With the spread of the novel coronavirus, we decided to postpone the release date, giving priority to the safety and health of our viewers. We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the release of the work.”

The postponement date of the movie “Go! Anpanman: Fluffy Fuwari and the Cloud Country” will be announced on the official website as soon as it is decided.

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Anpanman role: Toda Keiko
It's unfortunate to postpone the release of the 32nd movie, but we decided to release it at a time when everyone can visit the theater without any worries.
We are making all the necessary preparations so that everyone will able to enjoy the movie.

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone with wonderful smiles at the cinema.
Please take care of yourself.