PATRICK, the french sneakers brand released a new leather marathon snicker in collaboration with the series “Mobile Suit Gundam”. The line-up includes 3 models: Earth Federation, Zeon, and Red Comet.

The item is the result of a collaboration between STRICT-G, a clothing store based on the Gundam series, and PATRICK, a French brand created in 1892. Based on PATRICK's most popular models, MARATHON, the sneaker makes use of ox leather (aged for two years) combined and colored suede, providing a comfy feeling, and improving in quality with age as genuine leather.

The Earth Federation model is marked with three colors, while the Zeon one is monotone, and the Red Comet boasts the colors of red and gold. All of them are embroidered with the different emblems on the sides. The shoe tongue has also an original text, exuberating in uniqueness.

“STRICT-G x PATRICK Mobile Suit Gundam Marathon Leather Sneaker” is priced at 24,200JPY (taxes included/shipping and other fees not included), with sizes varying from 23cm to 28cm.
The product pre-orders will be available at Premium Bandai from May 11th, 1 pm until 15th, 11 pm. The STRICT-G store will make it available from May 16th.

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