“Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World” is an anime that was aired for two cour in 2016, and season 2 is scheduled to be broadcast in 2020 (tentative Jul.).
This is a “time loop” work where the normal high school student, Natsuki Subaru, was summoned to another world and keep on challenging the unfortunate fate after gaining the ability “Return by Death,” enabling him to reverse time by dying.

Along with the fantasy elements and the mysterious element to avoid the ill fate, it also has various appealing heroine such as the silver-haired girl, Emilia, and the twin maids, Rem, and Ram, who contribute to the popularity of the work.

As cosplay can be said as the indicator of the popularity of a work, after the anime has finish airing in 2016, there were many cosplayers of Emilia, Rem, and Ram.

Ichi @ichi_7cos Ram 【Click the photo to access the gallery】
Chachamaru @cyama28 Rem 【Click the photo to access the gallery】
As a commemoration to the broadcast of the anime season 2, we have prepared a cosplay photo report of the one-sided love Rem by Chachamaru (@cyama28) and over-obsessive younger sister protector Ram by Ichi (@ichi_7cos).

Photographer:Nogi Akira(@Osefly)
Studio: Haco Stadium, Tokyo (3F, vivit Minami Funabashi, 2-2-7, Hama-Chou, Funabashi-Shi, 〒273-0012, Chiba-ken)