“Demons Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” is currently serialized on “Weekly Shounen Jump” (Shueisha), and it is a manga by Gotouge Koyoharu which had 4 million copies issued. The setting is during the Taisho Period, and it depicts the protagonist, Kamado Tanjirou, whose family was killed by the demon, join the demon slayer corp to search for a method to turned her demon sister, Nezuko, back to a human.

The anime was broadcast from Apr. until Sep. 2019, and a movie is scheduled for 2020. It can be said that the popularity of work can be seen via cosplay, and many cosplayers can be seen being dress-up as the characters from the work in events and SNS.

茶々丸さん(Cyacyamaru-san)@cyama28 Kamado Tanjirou
いちさん(Ichi-san)@ichi_7cos Nezuko
It is a tale of the sad yet beautiful sibling love where Nezuko, who is holding her urge to attack humans after becoming a demon, is trying her best to protect Tanjirou and fight to protect her brother and other humans. This time, it is a challenge to use the cosplay photos to bring out the sibling relationship and their achievements. Do look at the cosplay photo report where 茶々丸さん(@cyama28) as Kamado Tanjirou and いちさん(@ichi_7cos) as Nezuko.

Photography by Nogi Akira (@Osefly)
Studio: Haco Stadium, Tokyo (3F, vivit Minami Funabashi, 2-2-7, Hama-Chou, Funabashi-Shi, 〒273-0012, Chiba-ken)