To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the “Danganronpa THE ANIMATION” series, the live adaptation of “Grand Blue”, etc., NBC Universal had decided to have free streaming of all the episodes of 5 affiliated TV Anime.
It will start from Apr. 29 on YouTube “NBCUniversal Anime/Music” channel.

The lineup for “NBC Universal & #StayHome” is: “Boarding School Juliet” (a school romance comedy where the leaders of both opposition factions hide the fact that they are lover), “Grand Blue” (the youthful male protagonist who got used with being surrounded guys at the diving school), “Gamers!” (a “misunderstanding” love comedy by the gamers who make the situation worse), “Danganronpa THE ANIMATION” (a story that depicts the dreadful game at the academy where the “Ultimate High School” students are locked in), and “Long Rider” (a story that depicts the cycling growth of a slow reflex university female student after encountering the bicycle).

The streaming will start from 12:00 on Apr. 29 until May. 6 on YouTube “NBCUniversal Anime/Music” channel. All episodes of the works can be seen.

“Boarding School Juliet” (C)Kaneda Yousuke・Kodansha/Boarding School Juliet Production Committee
“Grand Blue” (C)Inoue Kenji・Yoshioka Kimitake・Kodansha/Grand Blue Production Committee
“Gamers!”(C)Aoi Sekina・Yamucha・KADOKAWA Fantasy Bunko Publishing/Gamers! Production Committee
“Danganronpa THE ANIMATION” (C)Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd. / Hope's Peak Academy Video Club All Rights Reserved.
“Long Rider” (C)Miyaki Taishi・Ichijinsha/Long Rider! Production Committee