The voice actor Aoi Shouta will appear at “Takahashi Minami's 'Kore Kara, Nani Suru?'” popular corner called “Yo・Mi・Ki・Ka・Se” (Read-a-loud) on TOKYO FM from Apr. 20 until Apr. 23, 2020.

This corner contains Aoi Shouta's first read-a-loud that was recorded at homein his life. Regarding this matter, he commented, “This is my first time doing a recording at my home. Due to that, I bought the machines and microphone and encountered problems when connecting them together. Then, I received an OK after the recording. I now feel confident because I experienced connecting complex machines for the first time in my life”.”

Moreover, regarding the appearance in this program, he said, “Even in these times, there are still things that I can do, and still in demand, which make me really happy… Because of that feeling, I am willing to challenge my weak point (machine) straight on, so that it can make everyone feel a bit happy. If there is any requests in the future, do let me read it!”

The picture book read-a-loud by Aoi Shouta are “Tana Kara Botamochi (a botamochi falls down from a shelf)”, and “Dekiru Koto Otetsudai (I help you with what I can do)”.

“Takahashi Minami's 'Kore Kara, Nani wo Suru?'” is broadcast at TOKYO FM at 1 PM from Monday to Thursday every week. Aoi Shouta will appear from the Apr. 20 broadcast.