The first movie of “Mobile Police PATLABOR”, “Mobile Police PATLABOR the Movie” is decided to be screened in 4DX from Apr. 17, 2020. It is planned that the reprinted version of the pamphlet, the booklet which exceeded 10,000 copies sold, and the reprinted poster (in planning), will be on sale.

“Mobile Police PATLABOR the Movie ” depicts the accident where the prototype Labors of the self-defense force went haywire all of a sudden while left unattended in summer 1999. Furthermore, due to a computer virus that was planned by someone, all the Labors used for production went haywire one after another. It's up to the Hamidashi Police of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's 2nd Special Vehicles Section run throughout the Metropolitian in search of this unknown culprit.

The 4DX screening was held as a commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the movie that was released in 1989. The realism of the battle at Tokyo Bay can be experienced via the various mechanisms such as the movement of the motion seat, water, wind, flashes, etc. based on the movie scene.

“Mobile Police PATLABOR the Movie 4DX” will start screening from Apr. 17, 2020. Kindly visit the official website to find out the applicable theaters.
At the same time, the reprinted version of the flyers during the time of the first screening, will be distributed and placed at the theaters. Do check it out together with the goods' sale.