TV Anime “Healin' Good PreCure” had announced a “Find the Difference” event on Apr. 1, AprilFools'.
It will be conducted in the official website throughout April's Fool until 11:59 PM, Apr. 1.

“Healin' Good PreCure” is the 17th series and the 15th generation of “PreCure”. It is a TV Anime that is currently broadcasting since Feb. 2020.
After encountering the “medical trainee” Healing Animals, the 3 normal girls can transform into PreCures and they have to face against the “Byogens”, who are trying to make the Earth sick. A story about their struggles together to “cure Earth” unfolds.

Together with AprilFools', a “Find the Difference” event is conducted on the official website and it is a project created with the hope that the children can enjoy themselves while on break.
Due to the influence of the Corona Virus, the premiere date for the latest movie “Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Wonderful Day with Everyone” was delayed and the new premiere date is announced to be on May. 16, 2020. At the same time, exciting contents are steadily coming to “Healin' Good PreCure”.
Moreover, the previous PreCure's movie will have a limited-time free streaming from Mar. 20 to May. 15 on YouTube, so do check that out as well.

TV Anime “Healin' Good PreCure”
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