From the animation movie, “Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu” (release date: Jun. 5, 2020), several scenes that show the protagonist turned into a cat with a mysterious mask to approach the person she loves of the protagonist changing into a cat with a mysterious mask are revealed at once.
Also, the movie ticket which comes with the special gift of limited original clear folders, will be sold from Apr. 3.

“Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu” is the youth fantasy story of a girl in 2nd year in the middle school called Sasaki Miya, who often surprises the people around her with comments which don't read between the lines and also known as “Muge” (infinity mysterious person).
The reason why Muge doesn't give up although she has been ignored by her classmate whom she loves, called Hinode Kento, is because she has “a mysterious mask which turns her into a cat”, which she has received from the master of a store during the summer festival.
Muge goes to Hinode's house everyday, turning herself into a cat.

The scenes revealed this time depict Muge turning into a cat with an acrobatic movement, Muge in the appearance of a cat while being hold by Hinode, and her spending time with her classmates on the roof space of the school, raising the expectations toward the anime.
When Muge visits Hinode, he names the cat “Tarou”, treats her nicely, and starts to see her as an emotional support, although he usually treats her coldly, not knowing that the cat is Muge.
They approach so closely that both of their cheeks almost touch, and the scene makes the viewers ” want to become the cat”, regardless of the fact they are not Muge.

The animation movie “”Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu” will be released in the movie theaters nationwide from Jun. 5, 2020.
Also, the sale of movie tickets, which are priced at 1,500 JPY each (tax included), will begin from Apr. 3. A limited bonus gift featuring a A4-sized original clear folder will be given to the purchase of a movie ticket at the theaters.

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