It was announced that the WEB video program “ANIPLEX NEXT” and WEB radio “ANIPLEX NEXT Radio” has started. It will be delivering the latest news from ANIPLEX, which has a wide coverage of contents.

“ANIPLEX NEXT” can be streamed at ANIPLEX Official Channel on YouTube starting from early summer of 2020. The WEB radio “ANIPLEX NEXT Radio” will also be streamed at ANIPLEX Official Channel on YouTube, once per month starting from the end of Apr. 2020.

The personalities in charge of both programs are Maeno Tomoaki (from “Cells at Work!” series, etc.), and Kayano Ai (from “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day”, etc.).
The programs will center on the talk sessions with the invited guests from currently broadcasting anime and latest information of Aniplex anime of each cour will also be shared.