The title of the third season of the famous series “Is the Order a Rabbit?” is decided as “Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM.” A newly drawn original key visual by Koi sensei and staff/cast information are also revealed. It is also decided to re-air all episodes of the first and second season before the airing of the third season on Oct. 2020.

This title is also a serialized manga with the same title by Koi Sensei on “Manga Time Kirara MAX” (Honbunsha). This is a famous title, it first season was aired during 2014, season 2 during 2015, and followed by an OVA released in theatre in 2017.

BLOOM that became the title of the third season, means blooming or flourishing of the flower, with colorful flowers arranged with the title logo.
In this anime, the second summer vacation of Cocoa at the Kigumi no Machi(Half-timbered town) is almost over. The season shift towards autumn with full of events, Cocoa and Chino spend happy time at the school and Rabbit House.

In the newly-drawn key visual by Koi Sensei, it has seven main characters gathered up, with a silhouette of a character from behind.
Also, the information of the main staff and cast is revealed, with Sakura Ayane and Minase Inori gathering again for the cast.

In addition, it is also decided that before the airing of the third season, both the first and second seasons of “Is the Order a Rabbit?” and “Is the Order a Rabbit??” will be re-airing from the Apr. 2020 at AT-X and BS11.

TV Anime “Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM” is scheduled to be aired on Oct. 2020.

(C) Koi・Honbunsha / Is the Order a BLOOM Production Committee?