Andrea Romoli, the author of the original comic of “Uchuuusen Sagittarius” who lives in Italy, tweeted his message toward the fans in Japan. He reported his safety and health, and also posted an illustration with a comment which says, “I will post an illustration with a hope that we can get out of 'the tunnel of the hell' as soon as possible”.

Andrea Romoli is the comic writer, and physicist who lives and born in Italy. He released the 1st work of “ALTRI MONDI” called “Fugasu Issar” in 1976, which has become the base for “Uchuuusen Sagittarius”, and he continues to make new works later.

This time, Andrea Romoli reported that he is healthy in his Twitter account, “I am safe at home” in Japanese.
In addition to that, he wrote, “I will post an illustration with a hope. #From Italy To the fans in Japan who connect with #Uchuuusen Sagittarius Thanks you for your all of your love” and showed his anxiety toward Coronavirus and thanks to his fans with an illustraton.

The responses from the fans, who remember the wonderful memories of “Uchuuusen Sagittarius” and worries about the health of the author, said, “I used to love this anime so much!”, “Thank you for your wonderful illustration”, “I hope that Italy once again becomes a wonderful country”, “Please take care of your health”, and “I hope that both of us can get out of this situation as soon as possible”.