Gifu Broadcasting System has decided to air the TV anime “Interspecies Reviewers”..
Starting with the first episode on Feb. 28, 2020, they will broadcast the episodes in order until episode 12 on Apr. 3.

“Interspecies Reviewers” originally started as a fantasy comedy manga, which is “very dangerous in many ways”, serialized in “DoraDora Sharp #” from Niconico Manga.
The story is set in a world where not only humans but elves, half-beasts, demons, and angels live together. It depicts the reviewers going to various brothels run by interspecies girls.

The anime series, which started in Jan. 2020, aired its regular version on terrestrial TV. However, Tokyo MX and Sun TV canceled their broadcast due to “programming inconvenience”, and the only regular terrestrial broadcast left was by KBS Kyoto.

When Gifu Broadcasting System decided to air the 12 episodes, fans praised their decision on social media saying, “I thought we just lost a channel, but now we get another?!”, “So they're going against the streams… What a gambler. I love it!”, “Suddenly Gifu becomes a hero”, and “How long will they last…?”

TV anime “Interspecies Reviewers” will be broadcast on Gifu Broadcasting System from Feb. 28, 2020.

(C)Amahara・masha/KADOKAWA CORPORATION/Interspecies Reviewers Production Committee