The anime “Interspecies Reviewers”, which started airing in winter 2020, has been a hot topic in many ways, this time with some “sealing the deal with my fave” “ita-seals” appearing on the market. (With “Ita” being the Japanese word for “painful”, often used as an adjective for common objects that have been decorated with anime designs, such as “ita-cars”, “ita-bags”, and so on.)
The line-up includes 37 different characters, with familiar characters such as Stunk (female version) and Zell (female version) making an appearance, as well as various succu-girls of various species.

The “Interspecies Reviewers Ita-seals” includes familiar faces, such as Stunk (female version), Zell (female version), Crimvael, Meidri, Mitsue, as well as characters brimming with allure, such as the Elf, Fairy, and Demon succu-girls, and so forth.
All seals are made to order, so you can engrave your favorite character with your favorite letters to make a seal that's completely unique to you.

The size is about 18mm in diameter and 60mm in length, which makes them larger than usual seals, but they are useable as a personal seal, bank seals or home use.
In addition, a “Special Ita-Seal Review Paper” will be included with every purchase. The paper mimics the look of the review bulletins used in “Interspecies Reviewers” and will allow you to try out your seal. Hopefully, you'll be able to enjoy the design, detailed engraving, and the feel of printing your seal by publishing your own reviews through social media.

The price of “Interspecies Reviewer Ita-Seal” is 3,600JPY (tax excluded). It will be sold from Apr. 16 to May 18 through “Itaindou”'s dedicated website.
As a bonus option, a “Seal Case” (2,500JPY (tax excluded)) and “Seal Mat” (2,000JPY(tax excluded)) will be released at the same time.

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