From “Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Wonderful Day with Everyone” (release date: Mar. 20, 2020), the “Dance Lesson Movie ” for “Miracletto Link Ring”, the ending theme song for “Healin'Good Precure” and also for the movie, is released.
In addition to the release of the lecture video, “Miraclen Light Lecture Movie”, the video which Cure Grace, Cure Star, and Cure Yell teach you how to use the visitor's gift, “Miraclen Light”.

The “Dance Lesson Movie” feature Cure Grace from “Heal Pre”, Cure Star from “Star Pre”, and Cure Yell from “HUG Pre”. Cure Grace beautifully performs the dance of “Miracletto Link Ring!”, while receiving cheers from Cure Star and Cure Yell.

At the hook of the song, Cure Star and Cure Yell also begin to dance. While Cure Grace is enjoying the dance, Cure Star and Cure Yell lecture the viewers on the important point, which is the hand movement.
The fact that the children can have a great time with Pretty Cures in the big screen is an appealing point of the movie.

On the other hand, “Miraclen Light Lecture Movie” was created with the thoughts of “We want the children to have fun in the movie theaters!” and “We want the children to create a fun memory with Pretty Cures in the movie theaters!”, and the video introduces children actually dancing and cheering for Pretty Cures in a grave danger.

In this series, the characters themselves became the light itself for the first time in Pretty Cure history, and cheering with Miraclen Light is necessary for Pretty Cures to overcome the obstacle.
The light seems to connect Pretty Cures with the children, and will be the key to the story advancement.

“Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Wonderful Day with Everyone” will be premiered on the movie theaters from Mar. 20, 2020. The production of the ending dance of the movie with 13 Pretty Cures is in progress.

(C) 2020 Pretty Cure Miracle Leap Production Committee