From Recap Blu-ray and DVD which remastered TV anime “Futari wa Pretty Cure” in HD called “Futari wa Pretty Cure Recap~Bucchake Arienai!? 2020edition~” (will be released on Feb. 26, 2020), jacket design and cast comments from Honna Youko and Yukana were released.

“Futari wa Pretty Cure Recap~Bucchake Arienai!? 2020edition~” is Blu-ray&DVD which reconstructed “Futari wa Pretty Cure” and added new narrations in 270 minutes.

Not only it records legendary and popular episodes, and great moments, but also by summarizing the year-long story of Misumi Nagisa (Cure Black) and Yukishiro Honoka (Cure White) in one long story, both new and old fans can realize of the origin and its greatness of Pretty Cure series.

Film gifts that comes with the original story contains the talk session of 3 cast members of Honna Youka playing Nagisa, Yukana playing Honoka, and the cast playing Kubota Shiho, full size videos of outstanding scenes in opening and ending theme songs, and the collection of changing and special move scenes.

The first edition comes with the three way type case and Digipak designed by the character designer Inaue Akira, and also included 15 memorial bromide set, and the raffle application form for special talk and live event called “Bucchake Arienai Party!~16th Thanks to You~”.

Blu-ray &DVD “Futari wa Pretty Cure Recap~Bucchake Arienai!? 2020edition~” will be on sale from Feb. 26, 2020. The price for Blu-ray is 9,800 JPY (+tax) and the price for DVD is 8.8000 JPY (+tax).

<Full comments are listed below>
【Honna Youko, playing Misumi Nagisa/Cure Black】
【Question 1】What would you choose if you were to pick up as the appeal and the point to see in “Futari wa Pretty Cure”?

The appeal of “Futari wa Pretty Cure” is not limited to the impressive action scenes; the ordinary scenes are also the key of the anime.
Every character is full of humaneness, and the anime is made into such a small detail, including ordinary conversations and movements.
This recap is full of special features such as cast talk sessions and special videos. I am sure that there will be a new finding if you watch the TV series again after watching the recap.
I wish both old and new fans of “Futari wa Pretty Cure” can enjoy this recap.

【Question 2】What do you think of “Futari wa Pretty Cure”? Please tell me if you have any impressions or feelings at the time of the broadcast.

“Futari wa Pretty Cure” is so important that I cannot talk about myself without it. The encounter with the anime was the audition, but everything from it is impressive and shocking, and I was just desperate.
I realized that it was a “fateful encounter” after it was over, the fact that I desperately worked created growth within me, and I am thankful to the other cast members and staffs for watching me from far. Oh my gosh, I cannot talk fully in this amount of words. Bucchake arienai~!! (To be honest, this is impossible!)

【Yukana playing Yukishiro Honoka/Cure White】
【Question 1】What would you choose if you were to pick up as the appeal and the point to see in “Futari wa Pretty Cure”?

I believe it is the balance between the happy ordinary life, such as school and family and the threat to them.
They wish to protect their important people and wish not to lose it because they already knew every day is filled with happiness, and because they think the ordinary life is precious. Because they knew the happiness from being loved and protected, they wish to protect Mippuru and Meppuru. That is the way I feel.
I love impressive action scenes. It is not to attack someone. It is not to conquer someone.
It is because they want to protect someone.
That is why they stand up again.
I hope this can be delivered together with the anime.

【Question 2】What do you think of “Futari wa Pretty Cure”? Please tell me if you have any impressions or feelings at the time of broadcast.

I am not a strong person. I was vulnerable to sickness when I was young, and I often stayed in bed.
I wanted to be strong. I wanted to act with my own decision.
I had wished that everyday.
I do not think I am strong now neither. But I gained more freedom from that time, and I am making works together with whom I chose and who choose me to work with.
If I could make a strength of my wish into power.
If I could make the power of my wish into a shape…
Honoka gave me strengths, as Mippuru and Meppuru made Nagisa and Honoka into Pretty Cure.
Anything can become real if you got great friends.
The anime made me realize it is not a dream.

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