Space Cobra COMPLETE DVD BOOK" containing all 31 episodes of the TV anime version “Space Cobra” will be compiled in a three volume series to be published once a month from "vol.1" on Jan. 23, 2020.
Episode 1 to episode 11 will be recorded in “vol.1” , as well as a booklet that includes story introductions and sets of art collections for each episode.

Featured in the "Space Cobra Complete DVD Book" is the TV anime version of "Space Cobra", a collaboration between Dezaki Osamu and Sugino Akio, well known for "Tomorrow's Joe", "Treasure Island" and "Adventure of Gamba". The complete 31 episodes of TV broadcast will be compiled and split over 3 volumes. Enjoy familiar childhood stories of space pirate, Cobra, with his beam gun “Psycho Gun” loaded on his left arm. Don't miss the hard-boiled performance by the famous actor Nozawa Nachi, Ono Yuji's fantastic theme song and Haneda Kentaro's brilliant BGM.

Each volume contains about 10-11 episodes on DVD. In addition to introducing each story and the guest characters, the limited edition booklet is filled with valuable material such as storyboards and unpublished rough drawings. “Vol.1” contains episode 1 “Resurrection! Psycho Gun” to episode 11 “Zados of the Sand Planet”.

“Space Cobra COMPLETE DVD BOOK Vol.1” will be released on Jan. 23, 2020. The price is 1,390 JPY (excluding tax).

Title: Space Cobra COMPLETE DVD BOOK
Version type: A4 size BOX (DVD + booklet)
List price: 1,390 JPY + tax
Release date: Jan. 23, 2020
Sold at bookstores nationwide, online bookstores, and some convenience stores.

Published once a month from Jan. to Mar. 2020
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