Based on the TV Anime “My Hero Academia”, the 3rd room escape game titled “Villains Hideout Escape”, unveiled their main poster illustration. Information regarding pre-release goods was also revealed.

The series of room escape games started with its 1st edition in 2017, followed by the 2nd edition in 2018. The 3rd edition, “Villains Hideout Escape”, will have the participants solving various puzzles and complete missions alongside students of the U.A. High School. The objective is to successfully escape from the villains led by Shigaraki Tomura.

The characters in the main poster were made by the animation studio Bones, also responsible for producing the anime. It shows Midoriya Izuku and Katsuki Bakugo standing against 3 of the series main antagonists. The illustration will also be printed on the new series of goods(6-types in total) released alongside the game. The goods will be available for an exclusive pre-sale at the game venue for participants. For every 3,000JPY(taxes excluded) spent, customers will receive a limited edition original badges, that comes in 5 types.

“Villains Hideout Escape” will open in Mar. 7, 8, 27, 28, and Apr. 11, 12 at “Shinjuku Park Tower Hall”.

(C) Horikoshi Kohei / Shueisha – My Hero Academia Production Committee