The 2nd advertisement video for Pocari, which was directed by the Japanese-style painter Shinomiya Yoshitoshi, who was in charge of the recollection scene in the movie “Your Name” and “Tokino KOUSA”, the movie played on the 4 screens of Shibuya Scramble Street, is now available on YouTube. CLAP Inc. and MAPPA Inc. is in charge of the animation production for the ad.

This series is the Pocari Sweat ads which is produced by Indonesian Company PT of Ootsuka Pharmaceutical called Amerta Indah Otsuka, and released on TV in Indonesia and on the internet.
NADA SYAKIRA AISHA, who won “Bintang SMA 2019 Audition”, the competition to look for a high school student with special skills, by playing the violin, appears in this 2nd commercial movie. She plays “Zenryoku Shonen” with Sukima Switch, creating the collaboration of live-action film and anime.

The beautiful character design and the background by director Shinomiya Yoshitoshi are there for this ads as well. He tried directing the live-action film, and the artistic watercolor-like approach is the point to see.
The 2nd Pocari Sweat ad movie directed by Shinomiya Yoshitoshi is available on YouTube.

(C) PT. Amerta Indah Otsuka