“Destiny Gundam” from “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY” became Gunpla as a Real Grade (RG) model with the specification of Titanium finish. Pre-order is available at “Premium Bandai”.

This product “RG 1/144 Destiny Gudam 'Titanium Finish'” has Titanium finish with white plating on the white exterior structure, and metallic color was adopted on the each of blue, red, yellow, and gray sections to create massiveness.

Also, by putting “Wings of Light”, the separately-sold product which has been hologram processed, the metallic arrange of this product can be expressed even more.
Dynamic posing is possible by mobility gimmick unique to RG, so please enjoy the display with a great impact by combining it with “Wings of Light”.

Price for “RG 1/144 Destiny Gundam 'Titanium Finish'” is 7,150 JPY (tax included). Pre-order is available at “Premium Bandai”, and shipping is scheduled around Jun. 2020.

(C) Sotsu・Sunrise