From the anime “Mashin Hero Wataru Nana Tamashii no Ryuujinmaru”, a 3D figure of Akakiryuu Mashin Ryuusenmaru wielding dual swords has been revealed. Preorders are currently available at retail stores.

The figure “NXEDGE STYLE [MASHIN UNIT] Ryuusenmaru” is a faithful reproduction of the real character with the armor looking like his battle surcoat, and the head covered with the original kabuto. The kabuto decoration on the head is made of gold, while the front head is metallic blue, and the “magatama” on the shoulders are painted with metallic green. In addition, the characteristic dual-wielding swords “Red Dragon Sword I” and “Red Dragon Sword II” are included.

Both “Red Dragon Sword I” and “Red Dragon Sword II” can be stored in the scabbard of the back, which is flexible and movable due to the ball joint as a point of junction. The scabbard can also be extended to the front part as well. When extending the sheath to the front, you will be able to reproduce the “sword drawing action”.
Moreover, fans will be glad to be able to recreate the same poses of the “Wataru” series dual-wielding swords “Yagyuu Shibaraku Ryuu×no Jigiri”.

“NXEDGE STYLE [MASHIN UNIT] Ryuusenmaru” is priced at 3,500JPY (tax excluded). Preorders are currently available at retail stores, while shipping is scheduled on Apr. 2020.
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