On Dec. 21 – Dec. 22, 2019, China's largest doujin sales event aka “China's Comiket”, “Comicup25” was held at “Shanghai New International Expo Center”, Shanghai, China.

This event (abbreviation: Shanghai CP) started in 2007 and now it is being held two times per year which is in summer and winter. This event is China representative of the ACG (Anime, Manga, Games, etc.) event and it was split into 3 areas: doujin area, anime or games Corporation, and Lolita or fashion brand where distinguished and famous cosplayers and Lolita models will participate in.

罪音子 (Zui Yin Zi)-san/ Day 1 “Bu Gui Bu Gui”
There is a total of 138 booths participated in the Lolita or fashion brand area. Some Japanese brands and designers had participated as well but among their high expectations toward the China Market, they were fascinated by Zui Yin Zi-san from the Eastern style Lolita/ fashion brand “Bu Gui Bu Gui”.

She has an aura that reminds you of the ancient China beauty and is the official model for “Bu Gui Bu Gui” continuing from the previous Shanghai CP. This brand was created in 2014 when Lolita/fashion become a trend in China. At that time, the number of Lolita fashion that makes use of the Eastern style was extremely less, so they decided to create Eastern style so that most females will be able to wear it.

As they make use of both the production methods for China traditional clothing and Lolita fashion, China people will get a sense of nostalgia from it despite not knowing about Lolita clothing.

Zui Yin Zi-san/ Day 2 “Bu Gui Bu Gui”
This brand had participated in Shanghai CP since “Comicup21” held on Dec. 2017. As this is one of the few China's ACG events, it has now become China's biggest exhibition and interaction place since it had started the Lolita fashion brand area.

Lastly, when we ask about the person-in-charge regarding Zui Yin Zi-san's charm, he/she replied “She is cute and that smile of hers is quite charming. I respect her professionalism”.

Thus, here are the photos of Zui Yin Zi-san that were taken in the two days.

Photography: Nogi Akira (@Osefly)